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OBTC 2016 will be hosted at Walsh University. Walsh University is a small private teaching institution located in North Canton, Ohio. It is 6 miles from Akron-Canton Airport, 5 miles from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and 20 miles from the city of Akron, making it an easy-to-reach location!

OBTC 2016 will run from June 8th - 11th, 2016.

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Pedagogy on the go.

The Journal of Management Education podcasts have become a major success over the past year. These podcasts expand upon some of the most influential articles in recent JMEs. The podcasts can be downloaded in MP3 format or listened to right on your computer or mobile device. They are free to the public and you do not need a membership to OBTS to enjoy them.

 Photo Gallery

A look through the lens.

Sharing of photography has long been a part of OBTS's and OBTC's culture. Come have a look at the numerous pictures that we have captured over the years and bring back some memories of conferences and experiences of the past. Have some photos of your own to share? Email Brandon Charpied with them or send to the address below to add them to the archive and add to the rich history of our Society.

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