Member Info & Benefits


The membership dues shall be an amount determined by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.  Conference attendees shall be full members by virtue of their payment of the conference registration fee.  Conference-based membership will be processed shortly after the completion of said conference. In all cases members in good standing shall be entitled to receive the Society's journal(s) as a benefit of membership.

  • $55 for faculty/practitioner
  • $35 for graduate student and retired faculty/practitioner
  • Complimentary for Fellows (handled manually)




Member Benefits Include

  • Membership lasts one-year from date of registration
  • Subscription to the Journal of Management Education, the Society’s internationally-read peer reviewed journal
  • Access to resources available in the members-only area of the Society's website
  • The right to vote in the Society's elections
  • The right to stand for election to the Society's Board of Directors
  • The right to participate in the Society's activities through multiple venues, including committee membership


Term of Membership

The membership year is one (1) calendar year on a rolling basis from the date of registration/renewal until expiration 365 days from the date or registration.  Membership for those that fail to renew shall be reinstated immediately upon renewal within the system ( Membership dues are paid to OBTS via MoneyScripts Membership Suite (Drupal module) and processed through the society’s PayPal merchant account.

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