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David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award

The David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award acknowledges one person or a teaching team with consistently demonstrated achievement over a lifetime, focusing on teaching and learning excellence. These individuals have contributed substantially to the Society, and have impacted the field as a whole, with their innovations and ideas extending to a wide audience.The award is in honor of David L. Bradford, the founder of the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators and a gifted and dedicated teacher.

1987 - David L. Bradford
1988 - Larry K. Michaelsen and Roy Lewicki
1989 - Jeanne M. Brett
1990 - Stephen A. Stumpf
1991 - Robert D. Marx
1992 - Kim S. Cameron and David A. Whetten
1993 - Peter Frost
1998 - Chris Poulson
1999 - Mark Maier
2000 - Esther Hamilton
2001 - Not Awarded
2002 - Lee Bolman and Peter B. Vaill
2003 - Dorothy Marcic
2004 - Max Elden
2005 - Craig Lundberg
2006 - Andre Delbecq
2007 - Not Awarded
2008 - William Rockwell Torbert
2009 - James G. Clawson
2010 - Joseph A. Raelin
2011 - Sandra Waddock
2012 - Carolyn Egri
2013 - Gordon Dehler
2014 - Tim O. Peterson
2015 - Gary Coombs
2016 - Magid Mazen


Distinguished Educator Award

1994 - Charles A. Burden, Tupper Cawsey, Esther Hamilton, Clive H. J. Gilson, Jeffrey Mello, Steven I. Meisel, Paul C. Nystrom, Barry Oshry and Donald D. Warrick

1995 - Bill Ferris, Jeffrey Ady, and James Bailey

1996, 1997 Not awarded. The award was discontinued.


Fritz Roethlisberger Memorial Award

Co-Sponsored by OBTS and Sage Publications, the Roethlisberger Memorial Award commemorates Fritz Roethlisberger's passionate devotion to inquiry and learning. The award is granted each year to the author (or authors) judged to have contributed the best paper on teaching and learning in the organizational and management sciences published in the preceding year in the Journal of Management Education (or as previously titled, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Review). A monetary prize and commemorative plaque are awarded to the recipient(s).

2016 - Daved Barry and Stefan Meisiek
"Discovering the Business Studio," Journal of Management Education, 39:1, 2015

2015 - Robert A. Snyder
"Let's Burn Them All: Reflections on the Learning-Inhibitory Nature of Introduction to Management and Introduction to the Organizational Behavior Textbooks," Journal of Management Education, 38

2014 - Linda Dunn-Jensen and Janet Hillier
"Groups Meet...Teams Improve: Building Teams that Learn," Journal of Management Education, 37:704-733.

2013 - April L. Wright and Anne Gilmore
"Threshold Concepts and Conceptions: Student Learning in Introductory Management Courses," Journal of Management Education, 36:5, 2012, 614-635.

2012 - Rae André
"Using Leadered Groups in Organizational Behavior and Management Survey Courses," Journal of Management Education, 35:5, 2011, 596-619.

2011 - Lisa M. Amoroso, Denise Lewin Loyd and Jenny M. Hoobler
"The Diversity Education Dilemma: Exposing Status Hierarchies without Reinforcing Them," Journal of Management Education, 34:6, 2010, 795-822.

2010 - Joy E. Beatty, Jennifer S.A. Leigh and Kathy Lund Dean
“Philosophy Rediscovered: Exploring the Connections Between Teaching Philosophies, Educational Philosophies, and Philosophy,” Journal of Management Education, 33:1, 2009, 99-114.

2009 - Mary Grace Neville
“Using Appreciative Inquiry and Dialogical Learning to Explore Dominant Paradigms,” Journal of Management Education, 32:1, 2008, 100-117.

2008 - Susan H. Taft and Judith White
“Ethics education: Using inductive reasoning to develop individual, group, organizational, and global perspectives,” Journal of Management Education, 31:5, 2007, 614-647.

2007 - Gordon E. Dehler and Rosemary Edmonds
"Using Action Research to Connect Practice to Learning: A Course Project for Working Management Students," Journal of Management Education, 30:5, 2006, 636-669.

2006 - Maria Humphries and Suzette Dyer
"Introducing Critical Theory to the Management Classroom: An Exercise Building on Jermier's ‘Life of Mike’,"; Journal of Management Education, 29:1, 2005, 169-195.

2005 - Pamela Cox, Paula Bobrowski, and Margaret Spector
"Gateway to Business: An Innovative Approach to Integrating Writing into the First-Year Business Curriculum," Journal of Management Education, 28:1, 2004, 62-87.

2004 - Nicholas Athanassiou, Jeanne M. McNett, and Carol Harvey
"Critical Thinking in the Management Classroom: Bloom's Taxonomy as a Learning Model," Journal of Management Education, 26:5, 2003, 533-555.

2003 - John Stephan, Diane H. Parente, and Randy C. Brown
"Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Balancing Functional and Integrative Knowledge Using Large-Scale Simulations in Capstone Business Strategy Classes" Journal of Management Education, 26:2, 2002, 164-193.

2002 - Courtney Shelton Hunt
"Must See TV: The Timelessness of Television as a Teaching Tool," Journal of Management Education, 25:6, 2001, 631-647.

2001 - J. B. Arbaugh
"Virtual Classroom Versus Physical Classroom: An Exploratory Study of Class Discussion Patterns and Student Learning in an Asynchronous Internet-based MBA course," Journal of Management Education, 24:2, 2000, 213-233.

2000 - Michael Reynolds
"Critical Reflection and Management Education: Rehabilitating Less Hierarchical Approaches," Journal of Management Education, 23:5, 1999, 537-553.

1999 - Russ Vince
"Behind and Beyond Kolb's Learning Cycle,” Journal of Management Education," 22:3, 1998, 304-319.

1998 - Deborah J. Bickford and James Van Vleck
"Reflections on Artful Teaching," Journal of Management Education, 21:4, 1997, 448-472.

1997 - Mary B. Young and Kathy E. Kram
"Repairing the Disconnects in Faculty Teaching Teams," Journal of Management Education, 20:4, 1996, 500-515.

1996 - Melvin R. McKnight
"The Nature of People Skills," Journal of Management Education, 19:2, 1995, 190-204.

1995 - Francine S. Hall
"Management Education by Design," Journal of Management Education, 18:2, 1994 182-197.

1994 - Mark Maier
"The Gender Prism: Pedagogical Foundations for Reducing Sex Stereotyping and Promoting Egalitarian Male-Female Relationships in Management," Journal of Management Education, 17:3, 1993, 285-314.

1993 - Larry F. Moore, Larry Shetzer, and Richard W. Stackman
"Frond Lake: An Environmental Policy Role-Play," Journal of Management Education, 16:2, 1992, 146-162.

1992 - William Van Buskirk
"Five Classroom Exercises for Sensitizing Students to Aspects of Japanese Culture and Business Practice," Journal of Management Education, 15:1, 1991, 96–112, and "Enhancing Sensitivity to Organizational Symbols and Culture: An Experiential Approach for the Classroom," Journal of Management Education, 15:2, 1991, 170–192.

1991 - Claudia Harris and William Brown
"Teaching Business Ethics Using Fiction: A Case That Failed," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review, 14:1, 1989-90, 38–47.

1990 - Joan V. Gallos
"Developmental Diversity and the OB Classroom: Implications for Teaching and Learning," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review, 13:4, 1988-1989, 33-47.

1989 - Donald D. Bowen, Joseph Seltzer and James A. Wilson
"Dealing with Emotions in the Classroom," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review, 12:2, 1987-1988, 1-14.

1988 - Eric H. Neilsen
"Two Roles, Four Realities in the Executive Classroom," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review, 11:3, 1986-1987.

1987 - Vandra L. Huber
"Managerial Applications of Judgmental Biases and Heuristics," Organizational Behavior Teaching Review, 10:1, 1986-1987.


Mid-Career Distinguished Educator Award

The Mid-Career Distinguished Educator Award acknowledges a mid-career management educator who has an established and well-respected record of innovative teaching, exemplary service leadership to our Society, and impactful intellectual contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning. This award expresses the Society’s commitment to celebrating and supporting engaged members who demonstrate a passion for teaching and research in management education. The recipient will be announced at the annual OBTC Teaching Conference for Management Educators.

2016 - Joy Beatty, Charles Fornaciari, Mark Julien, Marc Lavine, and Jennifer Leigh


New Educator Award

The New Educator Award recognizes a person at an early career stage (up to five years after receiving the doctoral degree). These individuals are emerging voices within the Society who promise to bring new ways of thinking about and practicing management education.

1999 - Robert E. Ledman
2000 - Charles Fornaciari
2001 - Jane V. Wheeler
2002 - Suzanne de Janasz
2003 - D. Christopher Kayes
2004 - Kathy Lund Dean
2005 - Keith Rollag
2006 - Amy Kenworthy-U’ren
2007 - Joy Beatty
2008 - Jennifer Leigh
2009 - Kirsty Spence
2010 - Micheal T. Stratton
2011 - David Bright
2012 - Melissa J. Knott
2013 - George Hrivnak
2014 - Kim Gower
2015 - Russell Clayton
2016 - Nicholas Rhew


Susan Herman Service Award

The Service Award recognizes voluntary contributions over a significant number of years to the Society by an individual or a team. Outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty is the highest possible demonstration of sharing in an organization such as ours and through this award we identify and thank those whose contributions represent the epitome of altruism, enthusiasm, and selflessness.

1999 - Joe Garcia
2000 - MOBTC Group (Gil Boyer, Liz Davis, Steve Meisel, Joe Seltzer, Stu Schmidt and Joan Weiner)
2001 - Kent Zimmerman
2002 - Ella L. J. Edmonson Bell
2003 - Bob Marx
2004 - Gary Coombs
2005 - Janet Gillespie
2006 - Susan Herman
2007 - Ann McCarthy
2008 - Carol Sawyer
2009 - Joan Gallos
2010 - Jerry Biberman
2011 - William P. Ferris
2012 - Joan Weiner
2013 - Jane Schmidt-Wilk
2014 - Rae André
2015 - Roy Lewicki
2016 - Dave Fearon


Peter Frost Mentoring Award

The Peter J. Frost Mentoring Award acknowledges individuals who are distinguished as gifted teachers and scholars and who unselfishly impart these gifts through mentoring students, colleagues and associates. This annual award recognizes the energy and dedication of a mentor who, through his/her willingness to provide advice, guidance, friendship and a supportive ear, furthers the development of current and future teachers, scholars and mentors in the field of management and management education. The award honors the memory of Peter Frost, who showed outstanding leadership as the Society's first Executive Director and first OB-1, who made many contributions to good teaching and scholarship in the organizational sciences. Most importantly, this award demonstrates both the Society's deep respect for an extraordinary mentor and the value that it places on the role of mentoring in good teaching and learning.

2006 - David Bradford
2007 - Peter Vaill
2008 - Joe Garcia
2009 - Lee Bolman
2010 - Maria Humphries-Kil
2011 - Mark McDonald
2012 - William P. Ferris
2013 - Eric Dent
2014 - Sue Faerman
2015 - Barbara Ritter
2016 - Kathy Kane


Honor Roll

The Honor Roll recognizes those individuals acknowledged in the previous year by their own institution, professional, or community organizations for teaching accomplishments.

1996 - James Bailey, Gary Coombs, Alexander W. Crispo, Regina Eisenbach, Amy Hietapelto, Roy Lewicki, Paul Olk, Rosendo Enrique Romero Gonzalez, Gary Wagenheim

1997 - Steven Axley, James Bailey, Alexander W. Crispo, Cindi Fukami, Mary Ann Hazen, Amy Hietapelto, Christine Hogan, Roy Lewicki, Anne McCarthy, John A. Miller, Regina M. O'Neill, Stuart M. Schmidt, Rita Weathersby

1998 - Catherine Durnell Cramton, Peter Diplock, Robert Hooijberg, Roy J. Lewicki, Paul Lyons, Mark Maier, Bob Marx, Susan M. Schor, Carol S. Steinhaus

1999 - Mary-Kathryn Zachary, Vanessa Urch Druskat, Carl Broadhurst, Anne T. Lawrence, Roy Lewicki, Amy B. Hietapelto, Rosendo Enrique Romero Gonzales, Andre Delbecq, Carolyn Egri, Robert E. Ledman

2000 - Carole K. Barnett, Alexander W. Crispo, Deborah Ettinger, Andre Delbecq, Janice Miller, Sandra Morgan, John Newstrom, Sharon Peck, Anne Reilly, Robert Silvers, Marian C. Spataro

2001 - Richard Blackburn, Kathy Lund Dean, Peter Diplock, Cynthia Fukami, Joseph Garcia, Amy Hietapelto, Laurie Levesque, Roy Lewicki, Dina Mansour-Cole, John Newstrom, Rajnandini "Raj" Pillai, Anne Reilly, Kate Sherony, Frank Shipper

2002 - Carole K. Barnett, Dafna Eylon, Susan Goltz, Amy Hietapelto, Robert Kramer, Charles Mathews, Frank Shipper, David Steingard, Kelly Strong, Christopher “Kit” Taylor, Sharon Tyrell, Christa Walck

2003 - Laura Paglis, Tom Hawk, Peter Diplock, Carole K. Barnett

2004 - Andre’ Delbecq, Robert D’Intino, Carol Barnett, Robert Kramer, Kristen B. DeTienne

2005 - Thomas Conklin, Joe Daly, Peter Diplock, Joanne Gavin, Anne Lawrence, Roy Lewicki, Dina Mansour-Cole, Bob Marx, Jane Schmidt-Wilk, David Steingard, Jim Stoner, Joan Weiner, Joseph Weiss

2006 - Bob Kramer, Claudia Ferrante, Kathy Lund Dean, Eileen Higgins, Jack McCarthy, Regan Schaffer, Susan S. Taft, Marie Helene Budworth, Colleen Jones, Jann Freed, Shripad Pendse, Roy Lewicki, Andre Delbecq, Nancy Borkowski, Ann Welsh, Kristi Tyran, Suzanne de Janasz, Tom Timmerman, Laurie Levesque, Joe Dobson, Dennis O'Connor, Robert Wolter, Mindi McKenna, Larry Michaelsen, Leo Yballe, Bob Marx, Robyn Berkley, Bill Van Buskirk, Carl Broadhurst, Mike Frandsen

2007 - Sharon Bell, Deborah Butler, Mark Cannon, Suzanne de Janasz, Kent Fairfield, Jann Freed, Terry Kinnear, Peter Morgan, Bill Torbert, Jane Wheeler

2008 - Allan Cohen, Joerg Dietz, Roy Lewicki, Carol Sawyer, Allan Cohen, Joerg Dietz, Roy Lewicki, Carol Sawyer

2009 - Lucy A. Arendt, Carole K. Barnett, Joy Beatty, Bonita Betters-Reed, David S. Bright, Gordon E. Dehler, Andre L. Delbecq, Deborah R. Ettington, Joan Gallos, Thomas Hawk, Kathleen Kane, Roy J. Lewicki, Magid Mazen, Michael Morris, Susan H. Taft, Frank Werner, Edward Wertheim

2010 - Lucy A. Arendt, Rosemary Maellaro, Mary Grace Neville, Jane Schmidt-Wilk

2011 - Lucy A. Arendt, Gerald “Jerry” Biberman, Tammy Bunn Hiller, Amy L. Kenworthy, Jane Murray, Rajnandini "Raj" Pillai, Bruce Roemmelt

2012 - Joy E. Beatty, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Kathy Lund Dean, Claudia J. Ferrante, Erin R. Fluegge Woolf, Nell Tabor Hartley, Mark Julien, Marc Levine, Jennifer S.A. Leigh, Sandra Morgan, Meredith Myers, Tim O. Peterson, Chris Sablynski, Kirsty Spence, Susan H. Taft, Cynthia Thompson

2013 - David Bright, James G. S. Clawson, Nicole Cundiff, Andre L. Delbecq, Kathy Duncan, Martin Fellenz, George A. Hrivnak, Marc Lavine, John F. (Jack) McCarthy, Raymond Paquin, Jane D. Parent, Carol Sawyer, Erika E. Small, Kirsty Spence, Micheal T. Stratton, Susan Taft, Kristi Lewis Tyran, Jane Wheeler

2014 - Scott Allen, Jon Billsberry, Thomas A. Conklin, Gary Coombs, Luis Gerardo, Thomas Hawk, George A. Hrivnak, Kathy Kane, Roy J. Lewicki, Mary Lynn Manns, Raymond Paquin, Lisa T. Stickney, Susan H. Taft, Melinda Weisberg

2015 - Vince Bruni-Bossio, Russell Clayton, Amy E. Crook, Kerri Anne Crowne Brannen, Kent Fairfield, M. Colleen Jones, Kevin D. Lo, Arlise P. McKinney, Gloria J. Miller, Terry A. Nelson, Sandra Romenska, Erika E. Small, Lisa T. Stickney, Nicholas Twigg

2016 - Kathy Duncan, Carrie Blair Messal, Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Melinda Weisberg, Sue McNamara, Chelsea Willness, Jason Myrowitz, Lisa T. Stickney, Nicole L. Cundiff

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