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Call for Session Proposals





 “The Regenerative Class”

Temple University, Fox School of Business, Alter Hall

Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, March 23, 2013*

Proposal Deadline, January 31, 2013


The MOBTC “hands-on” conference for management educators is about demonstrating and sharing teaching ideas, enabling thoughtful conversations, collegiality, and improving our professional efforts.



The Regenerative Class is a class that infuses energy into students and faculty. Based on the concept of regenerative sustainability, the goal of the ‘Regenerative Class” is to end the semester/quarter with more energy and excitement than at the beginning. Attempting to infuse energy into classes can be challenging and frustrating; yet wonderfully rewarding. Our conference goal is to share and learn ways of energizing our classes whether traditional or online so as to foster a stimulating learning environment.

We invite you to send us a session proposal for sharing your methods and experiences for creating a “Regenerative Class” experience.  Another way to contribute to the program is to join a Roundtable Discussion (see below). 


Guidelines for Submission of Presentations

Session presentations should be a demonstration for class use rather than a description of what was done. Please plan for the active involvement of session participants.  Proposals should be original and not under concurrent consideration or scheduled for presentation elsewhere.

Proposals should be no more than 3 pages long.  PLEASE keep to this guideline.  Proposals should state: 1) what you will do, 2) why it is important and what people will learn, 3) how you will do it (e.g. extent of active involvement of session participants), 4) how it relates to the theme, 5) how long you would prefer (30, 45 or 60 minute session) and the minimum time needed (we may combine your session with similar proposals), and  6) equipment needed, if any beyond “smart” classroom technology.


Guidelines for Submission for Roundtable Discussions

You might have some ideas about the theme, “The Regenerative Class,” but are not sure if it would be a full session proposal. In that case, please consider being one of our Round Table Discussion panelists.  The topic of the Roundtable Discussions will be “Creating The Regenerative Class.”  We hope to have 15-20 people commit to appearing on the program as co-presenters for two Roundtables. 

If you have a suggestion for a different topic, please contact the Program Committee with your idea.  The Round Table sessions will begin with each person making a statement no longer than 1 minute.  The remaining time will be a facilitated discussion. 

If you have questions in the development of your session proposal or roundtable participation, please contact a program committee member Stuart Schmidt:; Joan Weiner:; Joe Seltzer:; or Steve Meisel: .

Send completed session proposals to Stuart M. Schmidt at or you may submit and register online click here



*Registration is $60 and includes continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch on March 23, 2013.  It also includes a welcoming reception on Friday evening March 22st at the London Grill

The 2013 MOBTC Program Committee

Steve Meisel (, Stuart Schmidt, Joe Seltzer ( & Joan Weiner (, and in spirit, Gil Boyer

Temple Fox School Host Committee

Stuart M. Schmidt, Dasha Boguslavskaya, Steve Pyser



Registration is $60 and includes continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch on March 23, 2013.  It also includes a welcoming reception on Friday evening March 22st at the London Grill starting a 5:30pm.  Please fill out the registration form and  mail the form along with a check payable to MOBTC.  Directions to Temple University, registration information for hotel accommodations and other conference materials will be sent upon receipt of paid registration.


(Stuart M. Schmidt, Temple University, Fox School of Business, HRM Dept. (006-00),1810 Liacouras Walk, Philadelphia, Pa. 19122)


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